Let’s celebrate Scotland’s Highland Hair and Beauty sector

Following an incredible response to the North-east Hair & Beauty Awards we are pleased to be invited to bring the concept to the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. The Awards have been created to celebrate this incredible talent and hardworking sector and those individuals and businesses operating throughout the Northern & Western Isles, Highlands, and Moray. Be part of this exciting celebration of talent throughout your local hair and beauty sector.

There are 21 award categories, consisting of Best Brow Artist, Best Nail Technician, Best Tanning Technician, Best Beauty Therapist, Best Cosmetic/Aesthetic Practitioner, Best Make-up Artist, Best Junior, Best Barber, Best Male Grooming, Best Colour Technician, Best Eyelash Technician, The One to Watch,  Best Beauty Salon, Best Hair Salon, Best Wedding Make- up, Best Wedding Hair Stylist, Best Salon Interior, Best Complimentary Therapist, Best Use of Marketing & Social Media, Best cosmetic dentist, Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.

We are also pleased to bring creative competition RUNWAY to the Highland Awards. A fantastic concept encouraging stylists to express their creative vision by styling an on-trend finish with a cat walk feel. This year’s theme is FANTASY.

The application process opens on 1st February, 2020

This year's finalists will be officially announced at the end of April 2020, prior to the open public vote, and our winners will be announced at a spectacular Gala Dinner of over 250 people, which takes place this year on Sunday 14th June 2020 at the Drumossie Hotel in the beautiful garden surrounds.

Here are just some of the reasons for taking part!

Shout about your achievements! Use your award on all corporate literature and advertising, on your website and in your newsletters. Use it as a tool for your business pitches and include it on all quotes and customer correspondence.

Credibility. Winning or being shortlisted as a finalist, often acts as a third party endorsement for your business, giving customers increased piece of mind before you have even started working for them.

Free PR. Winning an award gives you an opportunity to tell your colleagues, clients and industry peers what a great job you have done. Send news of your award to local and national media and reach audiences you haven’t spoken with before, leading to more customers.

Recruitment. The best employees want to work for the best employer. I think we would all like to work for an award winning business, wouldn’t you?

Competitive edge. When a potential client or investor is comparing you to your competitors, a business award could just give you the edge, instead of having to reduce your prices and lose money.

Remember your achievements. The application process provides an opportunity to reflect on your successes. Often you will be so busy working on your business that you forget to stop and think about what you have achieved, how you managed, and where you want to go from here.

You are simply the best. Winning an award, and even being short-listed as a finalist, helps to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, which can in turn open up new opportunities such as speaking at events, features in local media

Networking opportunity. Attending an awards dinner give you the opportunity to network with other business leaders, and even competitors. It’s good to know how others are doing, and of course it is even better if you can tell that that you recently won an award!

Increased team morale. Winning an award definitely boosts team morale, and really gives them a sense of pride, ownership and purpose.

The award itself! You win an amazing trophy to proudly show off to friends, family, neighbours, strangers, the dog……

This Year's Award Categories

Here are the award categories for this year's Scottish Hair & Beauty Industry Awards 2020 (Highlands)! There are 21 award categories :-

Best Barber

Best Beauty Salon

Best Beauty Therapist

Best Brow Artist

Best Colour Technician

Best Complementary Therapist

Best Cosmetic / Aesthetic Practitioner

Best Cosmetic Dentist

Best Eyelash Technician

Best Hair Salon

Best Junior

Best Make-up Artist

Best Male Grooming

Best Nail Technician

Best Salon Interior

Best Tanning Technician

Best Use of Marketing and Social Media

Best Wedding Hairdresser

Best Wedding Make- up

Outstanding Contribution

The One to Watch

Hints and Tips on making your Application stand out

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started with an awards entry for your business, begin by selecting the best fitting category that fits your business but also fits with what you have to talk most about! Have a look at the categories carefully, and then come back to this guide to understand how you could make your award entry stand out to the judges and give them the WOW factor!

Read (and answer) the question - While this may seem obvious, you would be surprised by the amount of people who get it wrong. Read the question in each category carefully to understand what is expected from your entry. Then tailor your answer very specifically to that, not to what you think or want the judges to hear. Don't launch into writing immediately. Think about your competitiors and how you can differentiate your business from them.

Be clear - We have an experienced judging panel and they will be reviewing very many applications, so this is your opportunity to stand out by having a well-structured and compelling application, whilst conveying a friendly and engaging tone. Remember that the hair and beauty industry revolves around people, so bring your entry to life with stories of how you solved your clients’ problems, made their experience outstanding and how delighted they were as a result.

Show evidence - Don’t just tell a brilliant story. Judges are always looking for tangible results. Merely stating ‘my salon delivers excellent customer service’ will not impress the judges. It may well be true, but why should they believe you? Support your claims with concrete facts. A good way to do this is to include client testimonials, statistics, visuals (photographs, videos, sketches), charts and graphs, relevant awards you may have won in the past and any media coverage.

Involve your clients - What makes your business special? Why not ask your clients what it is they love about your business, service and team? Their experience is crucial and will help, as highlighted above, to demonstrate how your methods are a success. However, always remember to obtain the client’s consent if you are going to use their quote or image in your entry.

Involve your team - Because entering awards is a superb way of motivating your team, take advantage of your team’s creative talent and encourage everyone to contribute to the award process. If you make it to the finals, prepare them for a possible mystery shopper visit,  ensuring you have your team’s consent to photos being shared if you do win.

Be honest - Naturally, your aim is to present your business in the best possible light. But always be honest, otherwise this can lead to embarrassment and the damage of your reputation. If your business is great, it will sell itself.

Create a strong first impression - Avoid jargon, use bullet points to aid the judges and stick to the stated word count. Photos can speak volumes about your business, so don’t overlook these in your entry. But, to reiterate the first point, do read the question to ensure you’re meeting the criteria. It may seem obvious, but typos and grammatical errors create a poor impression so check, check and check again. If you’re unsure, ask someone you trust (ideally unrelated to the business) to proof-read your entry for accuracy, clarity and flow.

Keep a copy for yourself - Save a copy of your entry for future award applications. Even if you are not successful this time, you can build on what you have written and it will provide a great analysis of your business.

Watch those dates - As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. So make a note of important dates and deadlines. This includes the closing date for entries, the announcement of finalists, and of course, the date of the award event itself.

FINALLY - Part of the enjoyment of entering Awards is the process itself. Remember to leave yourself plenty time and really enjoy this opportunity to talk about your successes. GOOD LUCK!

Rules for Applying

By entering the Scottish Hair & Beauty Industry Awards, the Applicant will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and to be bound by them. These rules include any instructions set out with the  Application Process.

  1. The competition is open to all hair and beauty businesses operating within the following local authority areas: Moray Inverness and the Highlands.
  2. The closing date for entries is Close of Business on 6th April 2020.
  3. Applicants can enter more than one category but no more than three. If you are entering more than one category, separate application forms should be completed for each submission. Maximum 3 applications per company/individual. Remember that each application will be judged on its relevance to each specific category, and the specific questions.
  4. The fee for entering one category is £30.00. Additional categories is £15.00 up to a maximum of three (3). This fee is to cover the Organiser's fees received by the award regulator software for each entry.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to reject any entry that it deems inappropriate.
  6. Entry forms and any supporting documents must be submitted on time within date specified. Supporting documents will be retained by the Organiser.
  7. Entries will only be accepted if they are submitted on the Entry Form links and completed in full.
  8. If any area of an application is unclear, judges reserve the right to request additional information.
  9. Any statements made in any applications must be substantiated. For example, where customers or clients have been quoted as part of an application, they may be contacted to substantiate the quotes.
  10. Responsibility cannot be accepted for any lost, late or mislaid entry and any entry which is damaged, defaced, illegible or incomplete, or which otherwise does not comply with these terms and conditions, may be deemed invalid in the sole discretion of the Organiser.
  11. The judges choice of finalists and winners are absolute and shall not be open for challenge, either on the night of the awards or following. You can review the judging process HERE.
  12. The team will contact you via the email you provide and/or the contact number you provide within your entry form. The team only contact those who have entered. By completing the form you acknowledge that the team may contact you. Your details will not be disclosed or sold to any Third Parties.
  13. Finalists. Each finalist will receive a certificate and all shortlisted finalists will be announced on our social media website so finalists can see who they are competing with. Every category will have a different number of finalists this varies from how many people take part to how many salons (for example) are successfully shortlisted. At the finalist stage you can decide whether you would like to be put forward to the public vote or whether you wish to remain a finalist. Winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on 14 June 2020. If you are shortlisted as a finalist, you will be notified by 30 April 2020
  14. If you provide us with photos of your business including staff members you must obtain permission from your staff to enable us to publish the photos on our website. 
  15. All applicants agree to exposure through PR should they be finalists or winners. This includes individual names, company names, images.
  16. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any award category if no satisfactory applications are received.

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